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Höga kusten 1:50.000

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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

This map is designed for anyone interested in the High Coast. It is as much a traditional terrain map for the hiker as a sea and coastal map for those who want to paddle a kayak.

The entire stretch of the Högakustenleden hiking trail can be found on the map, as well as the World Heritage Trail and, of course, the Skuleskogen National Park. The high coast kayak trail is marked on the map as well as services out on the coast such as accommodation, archipelago traffic, campsites, saunas etc.

We have chosen to offer Calazos maps of our paddling waters because we believe they are the best. They always do a thorough job and base the sections on the archipelagos and larger water systems. They also include the necessary information we need as paddlers, such as depth, channels, and interesting services like dry toilets, food stores and where to find a good sauna.

The fact that their maps are made of Tyvek® makes the choice even easier as it means the maps are completely water-insensitive and extremely tear-resistant. A Tyvek map will not fall apart or lose color when used.

We deliver all over europe and also to canada. Best way to find out if we can deliver to you is to start the purschase process. If there is a shipping alternative then we can get your order to you!

Melker is a classic swedish name and it was the name of a well known character in Saltkråkan, a television show that started 1964 in Sweden. The script was written by Astrid lindgren Swedens most famous children author.
The series takes place in Stockholm archipelago and therefor it is something many swedes think about when they think about the archipelago.

We took the name Melker as a hommage to the Tv-series and see it as one of our missions to help people to great experiences on and by the water.