Research & Development

Our innovation, design, research and development is a long-term investment for our company, coming generations and the great outdoors.

To successfully develop innovative, functional, sustainable and great looking products that last for generations we continuously develop new ways of doing things - bending the conventions.

Our latest research and development in biobased composite materials and natural fibres reinforcements, in combination with large scale robot based additive manufacturing, gives us the possibility to provide a fully circular ecosystem where we can upcycle waste-streams and recycle used materials to remain in use.



With the large scale robot based additive granulate printing we enable time- and cost-efficient manufacturing of large-scale products with short lead-time.

Large scale robot based additive manufacturing


The complete environmental impact of structural materials is dependent on every step of their life cycle, from raw material extraction, through processing, manufacturing, use and end-of-life (disposal/recycling/upcycling).


Partnering with gives us innovative, natural & sustainable top-notch flax fibre fabrics made for our next generation composites and exclusive design applications.

Less weight and more strength in a sustainable and beautiful way!


UPMPartnering with gives us access to biocomposites especially designed and developed for 3D printing. Unique combination of fine cellulose fibres together with biopolymer technologies bring printing with natural fiber composites to the next level.

Sharing Economy

As an alternative to regular consumption and conventional way of selling and consuming goods we are now launching our new shared economy business concept; Melker Move.

It’s an innovative way of providing access to our products as an alternative to ownership and to make life simpler for the end user while reducing the need for resources.

To become a provider of Melker Move, please contact