West coast MELKER road-trip end of October

West coast MELKER road-trip end of October

Woop Woop - we're coming over the pond!

We're sooo much looking forward to all meetings & greetings with dealers, sales-reps, partners, and industry colleagues during the 23rd of Oct - the 3rd of Nov, focused to the Canadian and US west coast.

We will be visiting the following states;

  • BC

  • Alberta

  • Washington

  • Oregon

  • California

Wanna meet up to further discuss how we jointly will make Melker a great success in 2024? Shoot an email to Pelle

And of course we will bring some sample kayaks for you to experience Melker for yourself!


Melker highlights for season 2024

  • All Melker kayaks are now Made in Sweden in-house @ Rindö, in the Stockholm archipelago
  • Introduction of the all new Melker Värmdö (14,5 and 13,5 feet)
  • Light-weight, durable and plant-based construction in all our kayaks
  • Rapid prototyping with full-scale, unibody and plant-based 3D printing



Paddling Magazine Industry Awards 2024

The all new Melker Värmdö is nominated @ The Paddling Magazine Industry Awards 2024 recognizing significant and outstanding achievements in the development of new products introduced to the paddlesports market.


Vote for The Year's Best Gear here!


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