Melker Värmdö LV & HV - Detailed Specifications

Melker Värmdö LV & HV - Detailed Specifications

With Melker Värmdö we introduce our next generation light-weight, high performance, and plant-based construction in a really comfy, and playful light touring & recreational kayak.

Värmdö is targeted for savvy performance paddlers and the more recreational ”la dolce vita paddlers” who wants to feel like rockstars on the water (still being able to easily toss it up on the roof rack post paddling).

Sleek, forgiving, and stable for new paddlers to learn, with performance characteristics, predictability and endless play time for surf, roll, carve, and rock gardening.

The adjustable and rope operated skeg (optional rudder) allows for true tracking in even the most challenging waters. Melker Värmdö also packs well enough for your light overnight adventures, including a large inside cockpit storage with an easy access 8,5” click-on cover.

It also comes with our all new premium cockpit with easy sit-in adjustability for pedals and backrest. Combined with the fully customizable & padded thigh braces and hip pads, it gives you an exceptional comfort - tailored just for you!


Default accessories: Easy adjustable & padded backrest and seat pan, fully customizable & padded thigh braces and hip pads, reflective deck lines, rope operated skeg (prepared for an optional rudder), and a large inside cockpit storage with an easy access 8,5” click-on cover.



Melker Värmdö LV, specifications

Length: 13.5’ / 411 cm

Width: 23.5” / 59,5 cm

Weight: 36 lbs / 16,5 kg


Melker Värmdö HV, specifications

Length: 14.5’ / 442 cm

Width: 24.5” / 62 cm

Weight: 39 lbs / 18 kg


Pre-order season 2024: Our total production capacity for season 2024 is limited, therefore it's of essence to get in touch with your local Melker dealer or sales representative ASAP to secure your Melker Värmdö (or any other Melker model) for delivery in time for the paddling season 2024. 


MSRP EUR: 3 399

MSRP USD: 3 689

MSRP CAD: 4 989


Melker Proprietary Technology

All Melker kayaks are MADE IN SWEDEN with our proprietary plant-based, durable, and feather light technology which revolutionize the industry and help protect the waters and environment we all love.


Our all natural, sustainable and high-performance construction combines flax fibers with a solid cork core, which allows our kayaks to achieve the highest possible mechanical properties.


Innovative and rapid prototyping behind next generation of kayaks from Melker of Sweden

In-house production, rapid prototyping for a more efficient product development, and a new plant-based material. This is the foundation of Melker of Sweden's new generation of light-weight, durable, and more environmentally friendly kayaks. The first model to be introduced is the new Värmdö.

Värmdö is a smaller kayak than Melker of Sweden's previous models but packed with loads of innovations. Utilizing a new material based on flax fiber and a solid cork core, Melker takes their plant-based, sustainable, and high-performance kayaks several steps forward. Adding a rapid and innovative prototyping using large-scale additive manufacturing (3D printing) and in-house production, the innovative company underlines that the future is now.


Melker in-house production @ Rindö

On the scenic island Rindö in the Stockholm archipelago, Melker of Sweden has now commenced their in-house production of their world-famous kayaks.

Melker @ Rindö

“This has been the dream and our ambition since we started, an important step in our green transition” says Pelle Stafshede, CEO & Creative Director, Melker of Sweden.

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